BeLikeCoach is an Ohio nonprofit corporation and a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  BeLikeCoach is dedicated to advancing the science of teaching youth through sport, increasing the educational effectiveness of sport and creating greater awareness of how best to use sport and competition to enhance life. BeLikeCoach fulfills this mission in three ways:

  1. Improved Science - BeLikeCoach advances the science of teaching and learning by supporting applied research to better design, assess and improve youth sport as an effective educational setting.
  2. Program Building - BeLikeCoach increases access to quality teaching by problem-solving at the local level to ascertain what teaching practices and programs work best in specific settings and to determine whether they should be scaled up to a regional or national level.
  3. Distribution - BeLikeCoach affects culture by building connections for parents, coaches, and program directors to help sport evolve as a curricular and moral institution in which adults and youth strive together toward their individual and collective potential.

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